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Last updated October 2020.

Actually…with Bishamber and Suhani

Besties chatting about everything life throws at them.

Asians in Football

There are more Asians in football than you might think. This podcast is about them.

Audacious Aunties
Two enthusiastic art fans chat about their favourite art from masterpieces to poetry. 

Bereavement Room
Intimate conversations about losing loved ones.

British Asian Podcast 

One of the first Asian hosted podcasts to appear

but currently having an over haul.

Brown Game Strong

Honest and open discussions about the issues faced by South Asians in the 21st century. 

CA Agenda Podcast
Hosted by Indy Hothi this is a podcast for those interested in the current business and finance landscape.

Creative Women in Tech
An informative music and tech focussed showed hosted by Bishi.

Desi Woman Podcast
Interviews with game-changing South Asian women. 


Discussions about the South Asiana diaspora with hosts in the UK & US.

Do You Wear That In The Shower?

Thoughtful chats with guests about identity and the questions they get asked. 

Filmy Shilmy

Interviews with actors from the film and television industry with a strong focus on Bollywood

Freelance Pod

Observations, news and insights about how tech has changed working life.

Girl Chaat
Life from a female Asian perspective.

Globalise Asian
A general podcast aimed at Asians in the UK.

It’s Anita Rani

Short interviews with a variety of guests.

I Weigh with Jameela Jamil
A podcast to accompany the social movement started by Jameela were she chat's to guests about society's attitude to people's weight.  

Living Raw Radio 

Health and wellbeing tips from Geeta Sindhu-Rob

LKKG Podcast

Chinwags between two Pakistani pals discussing culture and identity.

Lucky Things

Confidence and wellbeing advice from Coach Sunita Harley.

Khandaan Podcast

Epic episodes dissecting Bollywood movies.

Masala Podcast

Candid chats about taboo topics.

Meenal’s World
Podcast about the things you can't chat to your family about.

MK On The Mic
Meera Kumar chats to POC role models.

Mum to Millionaire
Short and snappy advice from a mumpreneur. 

Native Immigrants Podcast

Perspectives on Asian life from a married couple.

No Country For Brown Men

Entertaining conversations about being brown but not being a doctor.

Pinky and Patel

Two women chatting about their experiences a decade apart, growing up in the nineties and naughties.

Pleasure Pod

A show about sex and intimacy.

Positive Solace
How to stay positive during Covid-19 lockdown.

Rehearsal Room

An arts themed podcast featuring interviews with guests incl TV writers and theatremakers. 

Rule Not The Exception

Honest conversations about the creative and entertainment industry. 

Samosa Chats

Weekly interviews with guests that challenge the norms.

SASS - South Asian Sisters Speak

A variety of topics discussed from a female South Asian perspective.

Sassy Spirited You

Brief but brilliants tips and inspirations to live life to the fullest.

Self Care 101

Motivational advice and experience from NLP Wellbeing Coach Puja McClymont.

Sisterhood of MummyImperfect 
Guests, personal chat and mumlife.

Since Being Single

Insights from a Dating Expert. 

Strategically Winging It

Exploring the tales of entrepreneurs and how they got into business. 

Style Moguls

High-flying Muslim women who work in the arts.

The Director's Cut with Mistah Islah

The comedian and actor chats to guests about their experienced of being 'ethnic' in the entertainment industry.

Tommy's Brownload 

An energetic podcast hosted by Tommy Sandhu and friends discussing 'all things desi.'

What Is This Behaviour

Conversations with brown people going against the grain hosted by three creatives. 

Women & Shakespeare
Interviews with diverse women who 'interpret' and work with Shakespeare whether that's as a theatremaker, academic or actor. 


General movie chat from the makers of 'Khandaan Podcast'

*I’m currently not including any BBC Podcasts - there are many on BBC Asian Network and other stations that can be found on BBC Sounds. 

N.B: Some of these podcasts listed are old and may currently not be creating new content, however I've kept them in the list as you can still listen to their archive shows. 

If I'm missing your show or a show you listen to please email me with details and I'll add it to the list.

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