About The Desi Woman Podcast and why I started it

There are so many incredible people  - South Asian women especially - doing incredible things, but we hardy hear about them. During my years working in Asian media (on Eastern Eye, Asian Woman,  Asiana, Asiana Wedding, Asian City, Asian Culture Vulture as well as being a commentator on BBC Asian Network radio for over a decade), I've written about them or met these one-of-a-kind women. The mainstream media rarely picks up their stories which means the wider public is largely unaware of their achievements and this is unacceptable.

In this podcast I feature British South Asian women who are game-changers, breaking boundaries, challenging stereotypes and generally doing inspirational things; their stories are ones that should be told.

The podcast is made by me with no help and zero budget. I plan, record, edit and promote every episode myself. The sound quality isn't the most professional and sometimes the editing could be improved, but I hope you'll see beyond that.

Instead, focus on the women and their awe-inspiring stories.


One day I'll hopefully have a Producer who can help me but until then, welcome to my one woman world!


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